Client Testimonials

Helene K.:

“ Kit, thank you for all of your support, experience, instruction and wisdom during my bridge trainings and Barre Above training. You are amazing and have such a wealth of knowledge and compassion. I finally made it to MT, and I owe that is part to you ”

Liz B. - New york, NY


Kit -- 

I confess, I started the whole pilates thing on a lark, but boy oh boy did it pay off! Thanks to you and the weekly mat sessions, I am stronger. More importantly maybe, I am more confident in my ability to do—and recover from—a long run. Not a shabby thing with The Marathon looming large.

More than that though, you make the sessions fun: I look forward to them, and miss them when I'm out of town. It's your unique blend of of coaching, cajoling, forcing, teasing, challenging, and asking nicely, but time flies, the moves flow, and my muscles forget they couldn't do it last week but this week they can and next week they'll do better. Your attention to me as a person, tailoring a session to fit whatever's up with my aging, creaky muscles any given week is the hidden blessing to private sessions. Thank you. 

I've committed to a series of 7 half marathons in 2014, so I'm committing to weekly pilates too. It'll be fun to see how much progress I make with the cumulative effects of the strengthening and stretching of every Kit Pilates class over the course of the year! 

Here's to you and the fabulous private classes you offer, and to next year's PRs that I know I'm going to have—thanks to you!.


Eleisa C. - New York, NY

"Kit keeps me in the shape I want to be in.  From the beginning of our training sessions, she listened carefully to what I was looking for in a trainer and the results I hoped to achieve.  She keeps our workouts interesting and fun...and always a challenge.  She has strengthened my core and taught me how to care for my body for the long term.  Her energy and positive attitude are infectious!"



Angie M. - New York, NY

"I love my house calls with KitPilates. Kit has a special talent of making you work hard while enjoying yourself at the same time. Being able to do Pilates in the comfort of my own home is a life saver. AND she loves my dog. :) Thanks Kit and I look forward to many more ass kickings in the new year!"