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Why choose the Pilates Academy International? 

Choosing a Pilates teacher training program can be very challenging! The industry is now at a peak, boasting many excellent programs, but let us show you what sets the Pilates Academy International apart from the competition. 



The Basics 

The Pilates Academy International, like many programs, maintains affordable rates and provides high-quality, comprehensive education. As part of our core curriculum, we require students to take our Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture Analysis course*, as it teaches the knowledge Pilates instructors need to create innovative and effective programs for various body types. We then offer courses teaching the full Pilates repertoire on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. All courses teach how to modify for common postural, biomechanical issues, so that students are prepared to teach clients of all ages and fitness levels. 

But the Pilates Academy International (PAI) Teacher Training Program is SO MUCH MORE!!! 



The Intangibles 

Challenge, Motivate, Encourage, Inspire...

HOW you teach is JUST AS IMPORTANT and WHAT you teach! 

This is our The PAI stands out for its commitment to instilling students with all the other ("intangible") attributes you need to be a successful Pilates instructor! To be an excellent, bankable Pilates instructor, you need to be confident, display a professional presence, establish 

rapport with clients, adapt your teaching style according to your client and develop exceptional client retention skills. 

So if you think being an excellent Pilates instructor is just about knowledge of Pilates, read on! Here is how the Pilates Academy International Teacher Training Program can enhance your Pilates education. 


Confidence to match competence 

Registered teacher training programs provide students with the knowledge they need to be great teachers, after over 14 years of hiring instructors, we've come to realize that, more often than not, a gap exists between confidence and competence. New teachers often have all the knowledge and skills necessary to be an excellent instructor, but because they are new and know they are new, they may inadvertently "act" new! They often don't display the self-confidence of a seasoned instructor, which hurts them in the job market. The PAI strives to empower our future teachers by offering tips specific to each student on how they can gain the true confidence to

match their competence! Usually just a few tips here and there can make a world of difference! 



Ability to adapt teaching styles for various clients 


Just as clients' bodies are different, so too are their minds! A teaching style that works for one client, may not work for another. And instructors certainly do not want to switch to another instructor for something as adaptable as "style!" Thus, all of our Teacher Trainers do everything they can to guarantee we that soon-to-be-teachers are comfortable with verbal, visual and tactile cues in order to meet the learning needs of the client. Every client is different, and thus a good instructor should be equipped with a variety of teaching styles.


Establishing client rapport 

It's 7am, you are tired, but your client bursts through the door with boundless energy.'s 6pm and you're full of energy! Yet your client arrives having had a stressful day and is a bit lethargic.... WHAT do you do? A good instructor simply MUST match their client's energy level in order to keep the client engaged and not repelled! We help students during the course recognize where a client "is" that day, so that they can catch the clients where they are, and thus have a successful session. We remind our students that, "It's not about YOU, it's about THEM". Every session, every time. 


Client retention skills 


As Pilates professionals, we are all excited about the potential the human body has stored within it. However, it is sometimes challenging to remember that there is a person with feelings behind the body you are correcting. But there is! Client retention is sometimes as simple as to recognize when you should go further and when you should stop...and this is something the PAI teaches. You will succeed in helping a client if you know how to retain the client! 


       *Qualified students may bypass the Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture Analysis course by passing a placement test. 



The Conclusion 


Training with the PAI will insure that you have the COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE to train all levels of clients and build a successful Pilates career. We equip instructors-to-be with questions to ask so that they ensure they are fulfilling the clients WANTS, their NEEDS, and delivering workouts that produce results every session.

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